First post-doc pub

My team and I finished off the revisions for the first publication to come out of the work I’ve been doing as a post-doc. It’s a modest contribution to the literature - as far as we know, it’s the first large-scale investigations of the content of values affirmations. Nothing really earth-shaking, but I think it’s a fine piece of work and I’m happy with it. It’s a great starting point, and we’re already building on the work contained here. Interested parties can hear more about what we’ve done since at our APS symposium in two weeks. Our group has two of the four talks, and I’m eager to share the stage with Andrew Schwartz and Suresh Naidu in addition to Smaranda. Plus, we managed to snag James Pennebaker for a discussant. It should be an interesting set of talks.

Anyway, here’s the paper. I’ll present it at the Educational Data Mining conference in June, and it will be published in the conference proceedings.

Written on May 8, 2015
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